Andiamo rolls out revamped lunch, dinner menus at all Metro Detroit restaurants

The menu changes began in October of 2022 at the Andiamo Bloomfield Hills location

Fruits of the Sea (Joe Vicari Restaurant Group)

Andiamo is rolling out new lunch and dinner menus at all five Metro Detroit restaurant locations.

The Michigan-owned The Joe Vicari Restaurant Group announced the menu changed on Monday, which join the list of existing signature dishes that will remain. The newest menu items have been curated by Joe Vicari Restaurant Group’s Certified Master Chef Daniel Scannell and Chef Jim Oppat.

Andiamo says the new menu is a modern re-invention of Italian cuisine while holding true to authentic ingredients, cooking techniques, and region preparation.

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“The menu includes new items that people in Metro Detroit haven’t seen before; from the taste to the presentation, we are giving them something new and different,” stated Joe Vicari, Founder and CEO of Joe Vicari Restaurant Group. “Guests will be presented with a more modern interpretation of the classics with attention to the finer points of cooking, roasting, sautéing, braising, seasoning, and plating all while using only the finest meats, fish, and seasonal produce.”

Buffalo Buratta & Calabrese Hot Honey (Joe Vicari Restaurant Group)

The menu changes began in October of 2022 at the Andiamo Bloomfield Hills location and have since rolled out to the remaining four locations, Andiamo Fenton, Andiamo Detroit Riverfront, Andiamo Livonia, and Andiamo Warren

New menu items vary by location but include the following dishes:

*Can be found at all locations


  • Lumache e Polenta (Escargot & Polenta)
  • Peperoni Ripieni Di Agnello (Lamb Stuffed Peppers)
  • Carciofi alla Giudia (Fried Artichoke Hearts)
  • Salumi e Formaggi (Meats & Cheeses)
  • Involtini di Melanzane (Eggplant Rolls)
  • Zucchini Friti
  • Vongole Al Forno* (Federal Hill Style Stuffed Clams)
  • Melanzane Arrosto* (Roasted Eggplant)

Soups & Salads

  • Minestrone alla Milanese (Italian Vegetable Soup)
  • Stracciatella alla Romana (Italian Egg Soup)
  • Insalata di Cesare (Little Gem Caesar Salad)
  • Insalata di Bastoncini di Manzo Italiano (Italian Beef Stick Salad)
  • Zuppa di Cipolle Bianche* (White Onion Soup)
  • Burrata di Bufala* (Buffalo Buratta & Calabrese Hot Honey)

Beef / Chicken / Duck / Pork / Veal

  • Costolette di Malate (Pan Fried Pork Chop)
  • Costolette di Agnello (Pan Fried Lamb Chops)
  • Vitello Alla Milanese (Veal Cutlet)
  • Pollo al Francese (Chicken in the Style of France)
  • Pollo al Limone e Rosmarino (Lemon Rosemary Chicken)
  • Braciola di Vitello alla Milanese (Breaded Veal Chops)
  • Anatra Arrosto* (Maple Leaf Farms Duck)
  • Saltimbocca di Vitello* (Veal Scallopini)

Seasonal Plates

  • Speziato Gamberoni con Bottarga di Tonno (Spicy Shrimp with Pasta & Essence of Tuna Roe)
  • Rapini & Salsiccia (Sauteed Broccoli Rabe & Sausage)
  • Vitello alla Cacciatora (Cacciatore of Veal with Pasta)
  • Pollo ai Cinque Peperoni (Five Pepper Chicken)
  • Gamberoni con Bottarga di Tonno (Pasta with Shrimp and Essence of Tuna Roe)
  • Costine Brasate Con Strozzapreti* (Braised Short Ribs of Beef with Strozzapreti Pasta)
  • Ragu di Vitello Bianco* (Braised White Veal Sauce with Pasta)
  • Pollo ai Cinque Peperoni* (Five Pepper Chicken)

Handcrafted Homemade Pastas

  • Ravioli di Stagione* (Seasonal Ravioli)
  • Gnocchi con Gamberoni* (Hand Crafted Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Shrimp)


  • Capesante di Saronno (Chef’s Spiced Seared Diver Scallops)
  • Salmon Apulia en Fata Paper (Salmon Influenced from the Coast of Puglia)
  • Salmon Grigliato (Grilled Salmon)
  • Tristan de Cunha Cods di Aragosta Sud Africana (Tristan Island South African Lobster Tail)
  • Dover Sole Veronica (Dover Sole with Lemon Butter Sauce)
  • Meriuzzo alla Milanese (Potato Crusted Cod)
  • Aragosta alla Hoffa (Jimmy Hoffa Style Lobster)
  • Linguine al Sugo di Vongole Rosse o Bianche (Linguini with Red or White Clam Sauce)
  • Pesce Bianco alla Siciliana (Sicilian Style Whitefish)


  • Risotto Nero Italiano Venere (Mushrooms)
  • Rapini (Broccoli Rabe)
  • Zucchini Friti*(Fried Zucchini)
  • Fungi Selcatici* (Seasonal Forest Mushrooms)

Changes have also been made to the lunch menus at Andiamo Warren and Andiamo Bloomfield, to include lighter meal options. “We have added in more salads, sandwiches, and lighter entrée options,” stated Vicari. The lunch menu now offers a selection of paninis to include the Cotoletta Di Pollo (chicken), Schiacciara l’hamburger (braised short rib), and the Baccala alla Milanese (cod).

Andiamo has been serving up its spin on Italian cuisine in Metro Detroit for more than 30 years.

Five Pepper Chicken (Joe Vicari Restaurant Group)

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