Birmingham Democrat alleges GOP lawmaker sent threatening text messages after relationship ended

Post intimate relationship between lawmakers has become increasingly volatile, Manoogian says

Michigan rep. alleges fellow lawmaker sent threatening texts

DETROIT – A personal protection order asked for and granted to Michigan Rep. Mari Manoogian (D-Birmingham) contains two text messages from Rep. Steve Marino (R-Harrison Township).

The first appears to show Marino angry that Manoogian won’t help him with a sick dog. He uses obscenities to describe Manoogian and then tells her he’s going to make it his life’s mission to make the young lawmaker miserable. At the same time he also sent her work related information for a committee hearing.

In the second message, he tells Manoogian she should hide on the House floor because he intends to park right next to her and ream the lawmaker. He then goes on to give her more information on an upcoming commute hearing.

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Both admit they were in a relationship. Manoogian says it ended in 2019 and their post intimate relationship has become increasingly volatile.

Marino, for his part, claims Manoogian is engaging in politically motivated character assassination.

The Speaker of House has removed Marino from his committee assignments while the investigation continues.

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