White House COVID-19 Response Team urges caution as states loosen restrictions

96 percent of people getting second dose

Nationwide, the White House COVID-19 Response Team said that nearly 30 percent of American adults and nearly two-thirds of seniors have received at least their first shot of the vaccine.

Some 3.2 million vaccinations were given last Saturday but that progress comes as health officials grow increasingly alarmed at loosening restrictions.

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“We have seen footage of people enjoying spring break festivities maskless,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

There is also great concern about surges in some European countries. However, there was some encouraging research involving schools.

A Harvard study found no difference in COVID transmission rates in Massachusetts schools when students were three feet apart instead of the CDC-recommended six feet. The students all wore masks and other precautions were in place.

“We are looking at this data carefully. The question actually prompted more studies to be done, so we know more are forthcoming. We’re taking all of those data carefully and revisiting our guidance in that context,” she said.

A new CDC report found that 96 percent of people are getting their second dose of vaccine within the recommended time frames. Only 3 percent missed their second dose. When they did, systems were in place to make sure those doses were not wasted.

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