3 things to know about Huron Township, Michigan

This is a complete live-work-play community, the Detroit Region Aerotropolis says

The Huron Township Bridge (Photo provided by Detroit Region Aerotropolis)

Nestled in southwest Wayne County, along the banks of the scenic Huron River, lays the park-filled Township of Huron.

With three distinct villages of New Boston, Waltz and Willow, Huron Township offers a tranquil, safe environment to raise a family and locate a business, according to leaders at Detroit Region Aerotropolis, which is a four-community, two-county, public-private economic development partnership driving corporate expansion and new investment around Detroit Metro and Willow Run Airports.

So, what is there to know about Huron Township?

1. The recreational opportunities are unmatched.

Home to Lower Huron, Willow and Oakwoods Metroparks, Huron Township boasts miles of linked bike paths and kayaking courses, as well as a multitude of other recreational opportunities, including fishing, golf, and a family aquatic center.

2. There’s a lot of new activity here.

Recently announced public infrastructure improvements in downtown New Boston will bring about new commercial and housing activity. For example, significant public improvements that include burying of utilities, the removal of the poles impeding pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks, new light poles to allow for safe walking and bike riding at night, will bring greater opportunities for downtown gatherings and festivals year-round.

Huron Township residents and visitors can look forward to new, wider sidewalks, bike lanes, and multiple mobility options to connect to the community’s large metro parks, new riverside park and more.

The goal seems clear: Huron Township’s leadership is working hard to create an environment to spur new commercial and residential activity to create a strong sense of place, Detroit Region Aerotropolis said.

3. The community has a healthy economy.

This economy is further bolstered through a partnership with Wayne County and the Detroit Region Aerotropolis, the group said.

This collaboration fosters public-private development partnerships that result in integrated offerings of facilities, amenities and services for conducting business on a global scale.

For example, the community partners are working together to identify all possible funding mechanisms to move forward with grade separation over the CSX rail line.

Building on the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) 2019 study to fund an at-grade crossing blockage resolution strategy, community leadership want to ensure both residents and businesses can move seamlessly throughout the region.

Also of recent note, Huron Township welcomed the “creation of approximately 1,000 jobs. The Amazon project will serve to jump-start additional economic growth that will make up a much larger comprehensive mixed-use development planned for this area,” said David Glaab, Huron Township Supervisor. “This investment will serve to bolster and compliment the efforts of the Detroit Region Aerotropolis in its mission to attract advanced manufacturing, next generation mobility and emerging technologies to this region.”

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