Pit Pets: Scott Dixon, Arthur and George

Scott Dixon was racing when it was time to meet his dogs, George and Arthur. So Scott’s wife, Emma Davies-Dixon, gave us the formal introduction.

Formal, because with names like George and Arthur, you almost think they’re royalty. You almost want to bow to King George and King Arthur. Emma tells us the names were her idea. George was her grandfather’s name, a guy who had a “naughty” past in the Second World War. Arthur is just a name she always liked growing up in England.

The two dogs are the OG’s of the race track. They’ve been traveling with Scott and Emma for 13 seasons. She said she when they first started dating, she was lonely at times and Scott got her George to keep her company. They got Arthur six months later to keep George company. She tells us Scott loves to have his family around him during races, and the dogs are a part of that.

Emma said the dogs are a nice distraction for Dixon who sometimes has a hard time turning off his work.

“Quite a few of the dogs do get on,” Emma said of the other drivers’ dogs.

But, George and Arthur usually keep to themselves. She says it’s probably their age.

Fun fact: a week before big races, the pups get their hair and nails done. This year, Scott and Emma were co-chairs of the Mutt Strut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which raised money for the Indianapolis Humane Society.

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