Pit Pets: Simon Pagenaud and Norman

For Norman Pagenaud, ball is life, ham is second.

That is according to his dog dad, Indy 500 champion, Simon Pagenaud. Pagenaud and his fiancée, Haley, got the Jack Russell Terrier three years ago and he’s quickly become like their son. Norman travels everywhere, to every race.

He even travels to France in the offseason. He’s got several stamps in his passport. Seriously, Norman has a passport. The first race Simon brought him to, he won, so Norman is his official good luck charm. When we met Norman, Simon showed us all of the tricks in Norman’s arsenal. He can sit, he can stay, and he can give kisses.

He also knows French. So for instance, he knows the command for Bisous, the French word for kiss. Pagenaud said Norman is very smart and he is the perfect companion at the race track. He said when he comes back to the motor coach, and sees Norman, it’s always a treat. The dog is always happy to see him whether Simon had a good day or bad day, and that lifts his heart.

Instagram: @normanpagenaud

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