Palace of Auburn Hills collectibles for sale in online auction

Fans can bid on items online

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Have you ever wanted to own the actual carpet from the Detroit Pistons' locker room at the Palace of Auburn Hills?

What about a trailer with "Detroit basketball" on the side?

Those are two of the thousands of items in the "everything must go" sale for Pistons fans.

There are items fans have seen many times, such as parking lot signs and section signs, but there are also items fans have never seen, such as tables, pictures and even showerheads from the players' bathroom.

All the items are for sale in an online auction that's now underway.

There's a seven-foot-tall framed canvas of the 1989 championship celebration and even a rim that was used in a game.

Some of the items are large, and buyers will need to haul them out if they win the bid.

The bidding closes Saturday, so fans should hurry if they want a chance to own a piece of Pistons' history.

Click here to view the online auction.

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