FanDuel’s ‘Spread the Love’: Detroit bettors can cash in on 100-point spread vs. Lakers

Chris Webber says spread has risen over 100 points thanks to bettors

FanDuel (Business Wire)

DETROIT – As long as the Detroit Pistons don’t lose to the Los Angeles Lakers by 100 or more points, bettors in the area can cash in on a bet of up to $50 as part of FanDuel’s “Spread the Love” campaign.

In honor of the Detroit area code, for every 313 users who bet on the Pistons to cover the spread against the Lakers on Thursday night, FanDuel is adding an extra point to the spread.

The line opened at Pistons +9.5, and according to former Michigan basketball great Chris Webber, who spoke with Local 4 about FanDuel’s campaign, that spread is already over 100.

“I just think, in Michigan, people are going to really be happy about the ‘Spread the Love’ campaign, being that right now there’s over a 100-point spread for the Lakers to beat our Pistons, and I know that that won’t happen, especially not to the Pistons,” Webber said.

The largest margin of victory in an NBA game is 68 points, so even though you can never say never in sports, this bet seems to be a sure win for new Michigan bettors.

“It’s almost, you know, I won’t say guarantee, but it’s almost guaranteed,” Webber said.

FanDuel is grading everyone who bets on the Pistons to cover the spread credit for the final number. So if someone bet on the Pistons at +80 and the final line is Pistons +100, everyone who bet up to that point would be given Pistons +100.

Bettors can place up to $50 on the game. The “Spread the Love” event could have a potential payout of -110 odds.

Online sports betting became legal in Michigan on Friday (Jan. 22). Webber said he thinks people were waiting for an opportunity to start betting on sports.

“I think it’s the people who are already betting on sports are happy to be able to come out of the shadows and actually happy to be able to really get into all the different knowledge that they have of different sports, games and prop bets and things like that,” Webber said. “So I definitely think it’s an exciting time for those that already were gambling and were looking for a legal option, you know, a community to be part of. So I think that’s really why the Michigan sports fan should be excited.”

Webber, who grew up in Detroit, said he’s heard positive feedback since betting was legalized last week.

“I think from friends of mine that are definitely into gambling on their teams, I think, again, they were really just happy at the news that they could now gamble and support their favorite teams or, you know, try to catch their favorite teams on an off night, depending on which fans you ask,” Webber said. “But the reception just from guys that I know has been great because they’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this.”

If you want to get in on the “Spread the Love” campaign, you can visit the FanDuel website or download the app to your phone.

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