Matthew Stafford talks about new commercial, ‘Hard Knocks,’ Dan Campbell, city of Detroit

Former Detroit Lions quarterback talks to Hank Winchester

Matthew Stafford spoke with Local 4′s Hank Winchester about his new Little Caesar’s commercial, “Hard Knocks,” Dan Campbell, and the city of Detroit.

DETROITMatthew Stafford spoke with Local 4′s Hank Winchester about his new Little Caesar’s commercial, “Hard Knocks,” Dan Campbell, and the city of Detroit.

Hard Knocks

The No. 1 question Hank got from viewers when he told them he was talking to Stafford on Thursday (Sept. 1) was whether or not the former Detroit Lions quarterback is following this season of “Hard Knocks.”

So, has he been watching?

“I have,” Stafford said. “I haven’t seen them in perfect chronological order as they’ve come out, but I’ve peeked and I have so many good friends who are still on that team.

“I’m keeping up. I’m watching it. I got a chance as I was leaving (Detroit) to talk to Dan Campbell and was really impressed, and then you see him on the ‘Hard Knocks’ show and you go, ‘Man, if you’re a player, you’ve got to love playing for that guy.’”

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Little Caesar’s commercial

Stafford recently appeared in a new commercial for Little Caesar’s, which is now the official pizza sponsor of the NFL.

Here’s the new ad:

Stafford said there are going to be social media components of his new partnership with the company, as well.

“Am I enjoying (social media)? Parts of it yes, parts of it no,” Stafford said. “I’m not good at it, so when I’m bad at something, I don’t spend much time on it. I don’t understand a lot of how to really use (social media) properly.”

He said it’s been fun to let people in a little bit on his humor and personality.

City of Detroit

What does Stafford miss the most about Detroit?

“The people.”

What does he miss most about being a Detroit Lion?

“Being able to play for the Fords -- loved playing for them.”

The thing he doesn’t miss about being a Lion?

“Having to practice in the cold weather.”

Tigers or Red Wings game?

“Red Wings, probably, if it’s a playoff game.”

Favorite Detroit professional memory?

“Probably 2011, making the playoffs for the first time in 12 years, playing against the then-San Diego Chargers, at home, winning that game, being able to kind of walk around and greet the fans inside the stadium after that game. Giving them a chance at a playoff run that they hadn’t had in a long time was a cool memory.”

Professional memory that he’d like to forget from his time as a Lion?

“Probably losing that game in Dallas in 2014 in the playoffs. A couple plays here and there go our way, then maybe we make a bit of a run. We were a good football team that year.”

What would he like to say to Lions fans who are still supporting him?

“I just appreciate the support. I understand -- it’s not something that’s, I feel like, deserved. It’s humbling to me for them to continue to pull for me, and my family, as well. When they helped Kelly get through what she had to get through, it was something that I’ll never forget, and the people of that city and that state are near and dear to our hearts.”

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