POTHOLE PATROL: Where are the BEST roads in Metro Detroit?

Too many bad roads -- let's highlight the best ones

A massive pothole on Eureka Road in Southgate. This clearly is not one of the "best" stretches of road in Metro Detroit. (WDIV -- via Debbie Frasard)

DETROIT – We had the bright idea of asking everyone to identify the worst roads in Metro Detroit during this pothole season. 

What we found out after an overwhelming amount of responses is that the entire region is heavily potholed -- it's all pretty bad. Trying to identify the worst roads has become futile. 

But you already know this.

So let's flip this around: Where are the BEST roads in Metro Detroit?

These might be a bit easier to identify -- or maybe not. Personally, I can't think of a "best" road on my commute. It seems like new, massive potholes are popping up each morning. And if you're like me and get an early start to your day before the sun comes up, you don't see the potholes, you just feel them. 

There must be at least one stretch of road on your commute that's a bit friendlier to your wheels. 

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If you by chance have a photo of a stretch of "good" roads -- send it to me here: dbartkowiak@wdiv.com.

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