One-Tank-Trips: Share your favorite quick getaways from Metro Detroit

Rearview mirror -- road tripping (Pixlr)

Where can Metro Detroiters get away on just one tank of gas?

That’s one tank of gas for a two-way trip -- there and back. Of course, how far you can get on one tank of gas depends on your vehicle’s tank size and the gas mileage. Roughly speaking, let’s say the average car can go 300 to 400 miles per tank of gas before you have to fill up.

Frankenmuth, Mich., for example, is 82 miles from Royal Oak. That’s the kind of one-tank-trip we’re talking about. Depending on traffic, that trip could take a little more than an hour one way.

Another example is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio -- a favorite summer destination for many Metro Detroiters. Cedar Point is 130 miles from Royal Oak, or about a 2-hour and 15-minutes trip one way. You should be able to do that on one tank of gas.

Note: As for electric vehicles, the mileage range without charging can vary substantially depending on the vehicle.

Anyway, where do you go? What’s your favorite one-tank-trip spot? What other places should more people know about to help the local restaurants, bars, campgrounds and hotels this summer?

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