Metro Detroit weather: Heat wave could break records


Metro Detroit forecast July 1, 2020

DETROIT – Describing the forecast as a heat wave may be an understatement. Can we start #heattsunami trending?

Nothing But 90s

Highs should touch 90 on Thursday and once we get there, there’s no going back. We’ll have at least nine straight days of highs above 90. That’s the longest streak in more than 30 years. We put together 8 straight days in July 1987. But the record is 11 from 1953. And looking at the long range charts, that record is definitely in jeopardy.

Humidity won’t be all that bad for most of the stretch. Dew point temperatures should stay below 65, which is what many people would classify as “noticeable” humidity. It will spike to muggy at times, especially Friday and then again after the July 4th weekend.

Hardly a Drop

When that humidity inches up Friday, that may be just enough instability to trigger a stray shower or storm. Just don’t count on it. We should remain dry through the weekend, then look for our best (and really only serious) chance of rain to roll in on Wednesday of next week. It’s really tough to rule out an afternoon/evening pop up storm any day next week, but a lot of us won’t see a drop of rain until Wednesday.

When’s It End?

Long range forecasting past 7 to 10 days is really a crap shoot. Having said that, temperature is the most reliable variable in computer modeling. And we can see patterns without making specific numeric forecasts. Unfortunately the heat may get worse toward the middle of the month, before we see some minor relief around the 16th. Even that signal is weak. So plan to sweat for much of July.

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