'White Boy Rick' tells story of almost being murdered at age 15

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The underground world of drug dealing in the 1980s was a dangerous place to be a part of - especially for a teenage FBI informant.

Rick Wershe Jr. had been making inroads with the Curry brothers in the early-to-mid 80s as an FBI informant.

While the FBI continued raiding houses based on Wershe Jr.'s information, the Curry brothers suspected there could be a rat in the organization.

By all accounts, including official documents - even the insurance company - what happened in November of 1984 was an accident. Just a couple of kids playing with a gun. But that's not what happened, according to Wershe Jr.

Rick had just turned 15 when he arrived at Johnny "Slim" Walker's house. After some time, Walker called Rick upstairs. And when Rick walked up the stairs, Walker was there with a gun. 

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When he was 14 years-old, Rick Wershe, Jr. became one of the youngest FBI informants in American history. The inside information he provided led to the downfall of some of Detroit's biggest drug dealers. Once the FBI no longer needed Rick, he became a dealer in his own right, only until being busted on a cocaine possession charge when he was 17. Wershe has been in prison ever since.

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