SPOTLIGHT: Stoney Creek sophomore still remembers her first lacrosse goal

Jillian Seidel wins a 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award

Jillian Seidell
Jillian Seidell (Jillian Seidell)
  • Favorite school subject: History - she loves learning about the world and different cultures.
  • Favorite place: Clinton River Trail
  • Favorite artist: Harry Styles and Roddy Ricch
  • Role model: Mother Teresa

Jillian Seidel is the winner of a 4Frenzy Spring Fan Choice Award for Favorite Sophomore in the Lacrosse category! Jillian is a sophomore at Stoney Creek High School and put all her energy into lacrosse since freshman year. What really motivated her to play lacrosse is that she could play with her older sister, Julia!

COVID Changes

Just before coronavirus, Jillian had just finished her sophomore year tryouts. She left with a smile on her face and enthusiasm for the season. Her mother later shared the news that her sport was cancelled and it immediately brought tears to Jillian’s eyes. She misses the sport and her friends. During this time, Jillian has been reminiscing on all the memories from last year and imagining the “what-if’s" of the sophomore season she’s missing.

Memories Made

Jillian still remembers the first time she scored; her teammate Kayla passed her the ball, so she sprinted toward the net and took a shot! Her heart raced as she worried that her foot went off the goal circle and would be a penalty... but she scored!

After winning games, Jillian’s team has a ritual of dancing to Love Me by Justin Bieber! The team always has a ton of fun together both on the field and off the field.

Jillian Seidell (Jillian Seidell)

Not Just a Lacrosse Player

In the fall, Jillian loves to coach volleyball for Holy Family Regional School. She also plays club volleyball in the winter. At Stoney Creek HS, Jillian enjoys taking part in the Key Club and Psych Club.

“Don’t ever be afraid if you think another team is better than you. Go out there and give it your all!”


In the future, Jillian hopes she is able to play lacrosse the next two years and wants to make the varsity team. She also plans on attending nursing or forensics schools in college.

Good luck, Jillian, and congratulations on your 4Frenzy win!


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