La Luna Supermercado offers new options to residents in Southwest Detroit

DETROIT – Did someone say we have now entered into “tamale season?”

Yes!  Arnoldo Contreras did, and we’re happy he’s alerting us.

Contreras is living out his dream of owning a own small business in southwest Detroit.

The lovely “La Luna Supermercado” sits at 7603 McGraw. Inside you will find an array of fresh Mexican and South American foods, lively music and a lot of love.

La Luna opened in March of 2016, but Contreras’ dream of opening his own specialty market was born when he was laid off from his landscaping job years ago. That’s when Contreras began sweeping floors and stocking shelves at another market, “Honey Bee,” in Southwest Detroit.

Contreras says over 15 years he learned every aspect of the grocery store business, working his way up to produce manager.

Next, Contreras found a spot once home to a radiator repair shop, he left Honey Bee on great terms, and now he has set out on his own in a section of the neighborhood that needs a market.

Every member of Contreras’ family works at the market, and the lovely moon for “La Luna” on the bright sign above the door was drawn by his daughter. “I am so proud of her and I am so happy to serve this community,” Contreras tells us.

We noticed a line at the market’s hot, prepared food section offering up freshly made chicharones and carnitas.

“My wife makes the salsa.” Contreras says.

Look, now that it is tamale season, Contreras has steam pots, husks, spices, fresh fillings, cactus and cactus salsa so we all can warm the house on these cold autumn days making tamales from a little market that is serving its community seven days a week.

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