Kwame Kilpatrick supporters angry over decision not to grant him early prison release

Family thought former Detroit mayor would be granted home confinement

DETROIT – Supporters of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are angry about the decision by the Federal Bureau of Prisons not to grant him an early prison release.

Kilpatrick denied early release: Here’s everything we know

A decision was all but guaranteed by Kilpatrick’s family and supporters, but on Tuesday night, federal officials announced his request was denied.

Help Me Hank has been speaking with his inner circle about what happened.

Tuesday night’s decision hit Michigan Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo hard. She’s been a Kilpatrick supporter and was convinced last week that he would soon be a free man.

Last night, when the Federal Bureau of Prisons made its decision, Kilpatrick supporter Angela Stanton King, attorney Norman Yatoomah, who represents the family of Tamara Green, both offered their thoughts.

You can hear their statements, as well as what Local 4 legal expert Keith Corbett had to say, in the video posted above.

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