Scammers causing even more delays for Michigan unemployment system

Some Michigan residents having accounts put on hold due to scammers

New scam steals personal information to file false unemployment claims
New scam steals personal information to file false unemployment claims

DETROIT – Scammers targeting Michigan residents who have legitimately filed for unemployment are causing even more delays in the system as officials are forced to investigate.

These scams are affecting thousands of Michiganders who have filed for unemployment, and many others who haven’t filed.

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The problem has gotten so serious that some people who have filed legitimately are having their accounts put on hold as the Unemployment Insurance Agency investigates.

It happened to Michigan resident Jennifer Zoltowski, who said she is no longer receiving her benefits. Like thousands of others, she said she doesn’t know when her hold will be lifted.

Scammers are also working to steal the identities of people who haven’t filed for unemployment.

Former Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley announced on Twitter that he was targeted. Some WDIV employees were, too.

Our WDIV human resources team received letters that appeared to be from the unemployment agency about employees who never filed. Now they’re worried their personal information might be in the wrong hands.

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