President Trump holds rally in Waterford Friday

Presidential candidates try to reach Michigan voters ahead of Election Day

President Trump holds rally in Waterford Township

WATERFORD, Mich. – With only four days to go until Election Day, both presidential candidates are criss-crossing the U.S. at a break-neck pace.

President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made his second stop in Michigan this week at the Oakland County International Airport on Friday. Trumps' remarks Friday closely resembled his message to supporters in Lansing on Wednesday -- but he did make some changes.

During his remarks, President Trump took several shots at Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her response to the coronavirus pandemic. The massive, enthusiastic crowd elicited the same response that Trump has been receiving from Michigan supporters for weeks, calling to “open up the state” and “lock up" the Michigan governor.

President Trump said his administration is taking an “optimistic approach” to tackling the coronavirus pandemic. He also said a COVID-19 vaccine is on the way.

After his stop in Michigan Friday, the president is traveling to Green Bay, Wisconsin and Rochester, Minnesota to campaign. Due to a recent rise in COVID cases throughout much of the U.S., crowd sizes for Trump’s campaign rallies have been cut down to 250 attendees.

As Election Day nears, members of the campaigns for both Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have been prioritizing stops in Michigan to reach voters in the battleground state. Biden will be joined by President Barack Obama during a campaign stop in Michigan on Saturday.

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