Michigan reacts to president-elect Joe Biden’s projected win

Biden projected winner by AP, NBC

Michigan reacts to president-elect Joe Biden’s projected win
Michigan reacts to president-elect Joe Biden’s projected win

DETROIT – The latest election results are settling in for most Detroit voters.

Many Detroiters started celebrating shortly after President-Elect Joe Biden secured enough electoral votes to beat President Donald Trump. They all met in New Center Detroit for a ‘Respect Our Votes’ Rally.

“Yes! That’s my true feeling. Yes. Now we can finally breathe,” said State Representative House District 5 Cynthia A. Johnson.

State Representative Cynthia Johnson said the news was a sigh of relief, especially after leaving the State Capitol in Lansing Saturday morning.

“Today, I had to be in Lansing. The Oversight Committee, the joint committee, really the Republicans, called us in so that could vote on subpoenaing the Detroit City Clerk," Johnson said. "They’re trying to sow doubt into this election and like I already told them, ‘This is a done deal.’”

But protestors, like Heidi Bolema, stood outside the State Capitol in Lansing, simply said they’re not having that.

“The only thing we want is accuracy," Bolema said. “We want the results of this election to be true as far as we can possibly know.”

State Republican Lawmakers issued a subpoena for election records to investigate the ballot-counting process at the TCF Center. The investigation will take a look into the as of now baseless claims of voter fraud among absentee ballots.

“Part of the reason why people are so fired up is because they believe that the poll challengers, that were in Detroit, and different things like this, that they were actually booted out,” said Heather Dean.

Claire Allenson with 313 Votes, an organization that promotes voter education, said she was inside the TCF Center.

“You have to make evidence available if you have an allegation," Allenson said. "I said I was in TCF on Wednesday as a nonpartisan challenger, and what I saw was a smooth operation of people taking their jobs seriously, and looking at every ballot with equal fairness.”

As far as the voter fraud allegations, when it comes to this election, right now there haven’t been any evidence or proof.

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