Friday Finds: New music to check out – March 22, 2019

10 tracks for the weekend

DETROIT – Happy Friday!

We survived winter. Now, check out some new music as you enjoy the first weekend of spring.

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Find My Own Way -- GRiZ and Wiz Khalifa

Michigan producer and DJ GRiZ enlisted the help of Wiz Khalifa for the incredibly motivational and inspirational "Find My Own Way."

The five-minute track fuses hip-hop and gospel, a combination that works really well. It's a powerful ode to the importance of always chasing a goal and believing hard work pays off. Wiz raps about persistence and patience, paired with a chorus about finding strength and seeing sunny days.

"Try sticking to the plan. Don't let anything get in your way," Wiz says in the first verse. "Best part about it's the process."

I first heard the song on my drive home from work and hit "replay" six times.

GRiZ's new album, "Ride Waves," is due April 5.

If you like "Find My Own Way," here are some other songs by GRiZ worth checking out:

I'm Good | The Anthem | Feelin' Fine | It Gets Better | A New Day |

Missed Connection -- The Head and The Heart

While "The Head and the Heart" has acoustic-flavored folk-rock roots, "Missed Connection" seems to be a slight poppy twist on their music. The Seattle group blossomed from the post-Mumford & Sons folk-rock boom. Their new album is set to debut on May 17.

The lyric video for "Missed Connection" shows blurry faces with unnatural color choices that reflect the title of the song. In a few scenes, a mask is shown, which, to me, symbolizes the masks we all put on when in public.

"Only as alone as I want to be / Passing all the people standing on the street / The fallen fruit of a family tree / A crystal ball and the odyssey / Did you find whatever you were looking for? / Had to open every single door / I get the feeling you've been here before / From a missed connection"

The band is expected to play a concert in Los Angeles Thursday evening and share it via Facebook Live. You can find more information here.

They are not currently scheduled to play any local concerts.

If you like "Missed Connection," here are some other songs by "The Head and the Heart" worth checking out:

All We Ever KnewLet's Be Still | GoneRhythm & Blues10,000 Weight In Gold |

Paranoid -- I Prevail

"Paranoid," the third single off I Prevail's second album, dropped this week, along with a music video. The video by the Michigan band shows a surgeon's paranoia as he tries to perform a procedure after taking the wrong medicine by accident.

The song follows two previously released tracks, "Breaking Down" and "Bow Down," both off "Trauma," due out March 29.

Vocalist Brian Burkheiser took to Instagram last month to discuss the new album, something that almost didn't happen after he experienced a vocal injury that almost ended his career.

"Early last year though, I told myself that if we were going to get back and write another record it needed to be done OUR WAY," he wrote. "No label telling us who to work with, or what our music should sound like. No negativity coming in from outside sources. No cookie cutter BS."

I Prevail will perform May 24 at The Fillmore in Detroit.

If you like "Paranoid," here are some other songs by I Prevail worth checking out:

Lifelines | One More Time | Breaking Down | Crossroads | Scars |

Sanity -- Nick Murphy / Chet Faker

Nick Murphy, who used to go by the stage name Chet Faker, recently released "Sanity" ahead of his upcoming album "Run Fast Sleep Naked." The album is expected to be released April 26.

His song "Gold" is one of my favorites, and "Sanity" seems to be reaching that level of quality. The song opens with a catchy beat, and while the song has an upbeat vibe, the lyrics seem to be speaking to a deeper level of consciousness.

"My sanity, it comes to question / But I need to have someone to burn up all my god attention / It's like a honey inside my head / But could you give it up to change the pace before you crawl into my bed?"

If you like "Sanity," here are some other songs by Nick Murphy / Chet Faker worth checking out:

GoldNo Diggity | Stop Me (Stop You) | To Me | House Atriedes |

Habitat -- SIAS

Detroit trio SIAS recently dropped the music video for "Habitat," a track off their fall release, "UNCHARTED."

The band, who make their music in a Corktown studio, garnered a good amount of attention last year when one of their tracks was added to a “The Bachelor” playlist showcasing Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s favorite songs.

SIAS' sound spans genres, and there's no single way to describe their chill, flowing songs that combine electronic and R&B undertones.

If you like "Habitat," here are some other songs by SIAS worth checking out:

Tropical Island | Time Slows | Stand Tall | Oceans of Time | HEIRLOOM |

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