Friday Finds: New music to check out – May 17, 2019

(Kayla Clarke/WDIV)
(Kayla Clarke/WDIV)

DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Good Things Fall Apart (Ft. Jon Bellion) -- ILLENIUM

“Good Things Fall Apart” grapples with a breakup and, like the title suggests, how something good could unravel and fall apart.

The song swirls through what could have caused things to end, the good of a failed relationship and coming to terms with things falling apart.

“Did I say something wrong? Did you hear what I was thinking? / Did I talk way too long when I told you all my feelings that night? / Is it you? Is it me? Did you find somebody better?”

It’s emotional and paints a story of the ups and downs, the good and bad and the unexplainable in life. It’s sad but upbeat enough that it’s not a mood killer. Instead, it’s a track about life and moving on.

If you like "Good Things Fall Apart" here are some other songs by ILLENIUM worth checking out:

Feel Good | Crashing | Beautiful Creatures | Pray | Take You Down |

No Vacancy -- Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Their name is a bit odd and could seem off-putting to new listeners, but this alternative rock/indie band from North Carolina is (in Kayla's opinion) one of the best out there.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, also known as RKS, released two songs recently that never made it onto their original EPs, "Mary" and "Seven." Staying in line with literally every other song they've ever made, they are unquestionably breathtaking.

"Mary (B-Sides)" features "Heart" and "No Vacancy." The band has played different versions of them over the years, but finally, the songs have been officially released. A gentle guitar pulls at your heartstrings in the opening of "No Vacancy." The song is powerful, vulnerable and intimate.

Lead singer Sam Melo does not disappoint in this rendition -- his voice casting emotion that is palpable in every note. The strength behind the musical prowess expressed in the harmony only adds to the incredible lyrical aptitude.

"I guess I meant it when I said I never loved you / But I never meant for it to hurt this bad / When you call, don't ask me how I feel about it / I don't know / I'm sorry though / I am, I am"

"Save your lights for all the colors / They'll bring when you're asleep / Don't waste a light on me / Save your eyes for someone brighter / Than I will ever be / Don't hesitate to bring me to my knees / No vacancy"

If you like "No Vacancy" here are some other songs by Rainbow Kitten Surprise you 100% should check out because whatever you're doing right now is less important than their music:

HeartIt's Called: FreefallFirst ClassAll's Well That Ends | That's My Shit |

Rescue -- James Bay

James Bay released a four-track EP last week.

“Rescue,” a ballad about love and taking risks, is melodic and upbeat. Backing vocals from Judith Hill, Lynn Mabry and Jackie Gouche-Farris add a soulful R&B vibe to the toe-tapping track.

“We never draw the line / But only 'cause you're mine / Only 'cause you promise me I'm yours.”

I was really excited when I saw new music from Bay, and I had a hard time choosing which song from the EP I wanted to feature this week, but “Rescue” is so catchy that I couldn’t not pick it.

If you like "Rescue" here are some other songs by James Bay worth checking out:

Let It Go | Hold Back the River | Bad | Best Fake Smile | Us |

A MISSION -- Fences

The indie rock band from Seattle released "A MISSION," a beautiful and heartbreaking song, ahead of their upcoming full-length album.

Lead vocalist Christopher Mansfield gives a haunting and intimate performance. The video features a variety of clips that combine to create an enchanting experience. The captivating song expresses deep emotion throughout.

"Now I am standing alone at the top of your hill / With no one to meet me and no one to pick up the bill / Guess that my drinking has become a form of religion / I pray to it nightly on knees like a devoted christian"

If you like "A MISSION" here are some other songs by Fences worth checking out:

ARROWS | Otherside | Sunburns | The Lake | Buffalo Feet |

Left -- Gold Route

Detroit’s Gold Route dropped a new track earlier this month.

The group’s bio describes the band as “hard hitting pop punk,” and “Left” doesn’t stray from that description.  The song is catchy and guided heavily by the drumming, one of my favorite parts of the track.

Gold Route has announced a slew of shows already this year. They’re set to perform at Bled Fest in Howell on May 25.

If you like "Left" here are some other songs by Gold Route worth checking out:

Living Now | Happier | Mindless | In Place | Never Wanted |

Other songs to check out:

Upcoming shows:

  • Movements at The Majestic in Detroit on May 17 (Friday)
  • Jon Langston at Coyote Joe's in Shelby Township on May 17 (Friday)
  • Marianas Trench at The Fillmore in Detroit on May 17 (Friday)
  • 2 Chainz at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on May 18 (Saturday)
  • Slayer at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston on May 19 (Sunday)

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