Looking back on year of COVID pandemic: ‘Know and understand that tomorrow is not promised’

Coronavirus pandemic -- one year later
Coronavirus pandemic -- one year later (WDIV)

We are asking ClickOnDetroit readers a hypothetical question:

If you could go back a year, before the effects of the coronavirus pandemic swept into Michigan in March 2020, what would you tell yourself?

Here are some of the responses we have received so far (submit yours below):

“I would tell myself that the future year was going to test everyone in a way we could not begin to imagine. I would prepare myself for the reality of living in a world where friends and acquaintances would die rapidly, pain and fear would consume daily life, and humanity would prove more selfish and ignorant than I ever could have believed possible. I would prepare myself for the end of many relationships, as seeing how calloused and reckless many would be would mean no longer trusting them around my family. I would say to set a schedule for my family and stick to it, because kids need routine in confusing times. I would say this will require all the grace, compassion, patience and self-discipline you have and plenty you don’t have. Everyone will be suffering to some degree, but people of color and the poor especially so. Use this year to teach your kids what school doesn’t -- especially when it comes to serving those in need, using their privilege and protecting others. Be there for essential workers, frontline heroes, and all who have been keeping us going as a society. Fight for them every day. Choose love and get ready to fight for the dignity and safety of every single person, because our government won’t.” -- Bridget Huff

“I’d plead with myself to buy more toilet paper -- NOT that I wasn’t prepared -- but talking to myself a year ago and trying to tell myself what was about to occur; how would I convince myself of the practical reality that was about to set it in and uproot everyone’s very existence? I think telling myself in excess of 500,000 lives lost would be incomprehensible to myself on March 10, 2020, but if I told myself the world would be so out of control that basic necessities such as toilet paper and groceries would be chaotic, well, then, that would certainly get my former self’s attention, and that a tsunami of chaos was about to be wreak havoc upon the people on the planet.” -- Michael Oblizajek

“Be careful and diligent and attentive to your heart, mind and body and don’t ignore any warning signs of changes. Take time to enjoy the moments of not having to rush about the day. Live each day on purpose with a grateful heart and share some Love! Know and understand that tomorrow is not promised. Thank God for His daily benefits!” -- Yolonda Coleman

“I would have to convince myself that this is very serious, that it is nothing like the flu and that any of my family or myself could be affected very drastically. A year ago I thought they would get it under control before it got out hand.” -- Janice

“I would tell myself to be kind to myself. Enjoy these precious moments of working from home, spending additional time with family, preparing daily meals, exercising, reflecting on life. I would also say journal this past year. We have seen things in this life that have been a first for many of us. Take the time to capture these moments. Above all else I would say be thankful and grateful for each day we were blessed with.” -- Dena Austin

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