Why do you have to wear a mask after getting vaccinated? Will vaccines need to be given every year?

Local 4′s Dr. Frank McGeorge is working to answer viewer questions regarding the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccines.

DETROIT – Local 4′s Dr. Frank McGeorge is working to answer viewer questions regarding the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccines.

Do people have some protection after receiving the first shot and before getting the second?

Yes. There is some protection, but the exact amount of coverage isn’t completely known since that hasn’t been directly studied. Everyone should try to get their second dose of vaccine as close to the time it is due.

After being fully vaccinated why do we have to wear a mask?

After you’re vaccinated, because the vaccines have a 95 percent efficacy, your chances of developing symptomatic COVID-19 from exposure are small. If you don’t have symptoms after exposure, chances are the vaccine is successfully protecting you.

The reason for continuing mask use is the possibility that fully vaccinated people could still be able to spread the virus to others who aren’t vaccinated. We’re still waiting to learn more about that risk.

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I’m 64 and I currently have shingles Will I still be able to get the COVID vaccination when it’s my age group’s turn?

Having shingles doesn’t preclude you from getting the vaccine. But you should talk to your doctor since in more severe active cases it might be better to delay vaccination until you are at least partially recovered.

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How long after my second COVID-19 vaccination dose should I wait to get the second shingles vaccination?

You should not receive any other vaccines for 14 days either before or after you receive the COVID vaccine.

I’ve heard from people that this vaccine only lasts 3-4 months. Would the COVID vaccine be like a flu shot needed every year?

Unfortunately, the truth right now is that we just don’t know. There are a couple of scenarios where a booster might be needed. It’s possible that the immunity does wear off. It’s also possible that variant strains might require their specific booster.

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