Troy Beaumont Hospital offers special vaccine clinic for most vulnerable patients

In nearly any situation Beaumont Troy will work to accommodate patients.

TROY, Mich. – In nearly any situation Beaumont Troy will work to accommodate patients.

“It’s not really special needs. It’s any needs,” said Sarah Rauner, a Beaumont nurse practitioner.

Nurses, doctors and healthcare workers at Beaumont Troy are thinking outside the box to get some of our most vulnerable vaccinated.

“We had a bubbler so that it was just something to watch. We had kids bring in their video games, or their iPads. We had weighted blankets, we had toys, we had prizes,” said Naomi Ishioka, Beaumont emergency preparedness coordinator.

Rauner talked about high risk populations.

“It’s protection because these are high risk people. A lot of the time, you know, and not just developmentally but, you know, when their medical history, their fragile medical history as well,” said Rauner.

Some families want their loved ones to get the shot, but the logistics have not been easy to navigate.

“We just wanted to be there for those people who wouldn’t easily get it in mass vaccine centers, or in a pharmacy,” said Kate Appleby, who has a daughter with Down Syndrome. Her daughter did get vaccinated.

“When somebody has that need and somebody reaches out and says, hey, we will work with you, we will make this happen. It’s the world,” she said.

For the family the process was seamless.

The mother said Beaumont made sure she felt comfortable getting vaccinated.

“I think just the warmth and the ease that is in the air around them, the vibe that is given off. I think that just put someone in a state where they know they’re safe. It’s being seen. It’s being heard. It’s being understood,” she added.

The initial program was so popular it has expanded.

Anyone interested in booking an appointed can email

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