Survey: 57% of Gen Z is ‘very concerned’ about spreading COVID-19 to family member

68% of survey respondents have received vaccine

FILE — In this July 30, 2021 file photo, Bradley Sharp, of Saratoga, N.Y., gets the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from registered nurse Stephanie Wagner, in New York. Sharp needs the vaccination because it is required by his college. Hundreds of college campuses across the country have told students that they must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before classes begin in a matter of weeks. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File) (Mark Lennihan, Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

New survey results show Gen Z is prioritizing COVID-19 safety precautions at their colleges and universities of choice while many are concerned about spreading COVID-19 to a family member this fall.

Researchers for Tallo found 61% of students are excited and hopeful about the return to campus, while 13% are feeling anxious. One in five K-12 parents — whose younger children are still unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine — expressed anxiety about their child’s health and safety in a previous survey about the return to in-person learning. But 68% of Gen Zers surveyed by Tallo have already received the vaccine.

Another 11% of those surveyed plan to receive the vaccine, while a mere 9% aren’t interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and 7% remain unsure.

Tallo said interviews for this research were conducted online between Aug. 9 and Aug. 22, 2021. Participants were from a national sample of 2,501 students.

More key findings:

  • Three in four students said they were concerned about becoming infected with COVID-19.
  • More than 57% of Gen Z is “very concerned” about spreading COVID-19 to a family member.
  • Four in five students say their parents approved of their decision to receive the vaccine.
  • More than 68% indicated that they are likely to attend a college that requires vaccines for enrollment.
  • 79% of Gen Z survey respondents are concerned about the possibility of schools being forced to go virtual again this year due to the virus.

On the topic of mask mandates:

  • Three in four would attend a college that requires masks on campus and nearly 88% would work for an employer that requires the same.
  • 77% said wearing masks wouldn’t negatively affect their ability to learn.

Lastly: The vast majority (86%) believe all unvaccinated individuals should wear masks in public spaces, and 68% said the same about vaccinated individuals.

Learn more about the survey here.

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Millennials, Gen Zers are cutting ties with unvaccinated, creating own vaccine mandates

About one-third of Millennials and Gen Zers have cut ties with friends, family members or acquaintances who will not get the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is according to a survey from Axios and The Harris Poll. They surveyed 1,334 U.S. adults in August 2021 and categorized them by generation.

The survey results show:

  • 33% of Millennials say they have cuts ties with somebody in their life over not getting vaccinated against COVID-19
  • 30% of Gen Zers, 9% of Gen Xers and 7% of Baby Boomers say the same

“It’s the new cultural dividing line,” John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll, told Axios. “Three in 10 Gen Zers, and even more millennials, have ghosted friends who would not get vaccinated.”

Out of those four generations, Millennials are most likely to have young children who are not eligible for the vaccine -- it’s not available to anyone under 12 years old. This could be a contributing factor to the generation’s concern for the virus as they worry about their unvaccinated children.

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