What’s Going Around: RSV, COVID -- here’s what’s spreading the most in Metro Detroit

Dr. Frank McGeorge breaks down what is going on in each county.

Here’s our weekly round up of what illnesses are spreading the most in Metro Detroit communities, according to our local doctors and hospitals.

Local doctors share their notes on What’s Going Around:

Dr. Jason Vieder -- Emergency Department, Henry Ford Medical Center Fairlane

“In addition to RSV, we’re seeing a lot of plain old upper respiratory illnesses in children.  The kids are sick and look very fatigued.”

Dr. Zafar Shamoon -- Emergency Center Chief, Corewell Health Dearborn Hospital (formerly Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn)

“So much RSV. We’ve seen a lot of kids, but we’ve seen a lot of adults with respiratory issues too: cold symptoms, pneumonia. People are worried that it’s COVID and it’s not. And in the last couple of days, we’ve seen a lot of asthma exacerbations, probably because of the weather changing. We do typically see that in the Fall. But when you have these extreme changes in weather, it makes it worse.”

Dr. Glen Clark -- Emergency Center Chief, Corewell Health Beaumont Grosse Pointe Hospital (formerly Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe)

“Overall, we are seeing high volumes of people coming into the EC. RSV is prevalent, though a majority of the kids we are seeing at Grosse Pointe are fortunately not too ill. In addition to seeing lots of children with RSV, we recently had our first influenza A case.”

Dr. Parag Patel -- Beaumont Hospital Troy-affiliated family medicine doctor

“We still have some COVID. People are coming in if they don’t know they have COVID. If they’re doing a test at home or think they had an exposure, we do a telemedicine appointment. A lot of people are doing tests at home. Regarding test reliability, negatives can be false negatives. But if you test positive and there are symptoms, that’s good enough for a diagnosis. We’re also seeing sinus infections. You have allergies plus weather change, that gives us sinus infections. The younger kids are coming in with RSV. They’re not usually too bad. Usually we’re doing supportive care. Often fluids and rest is what they need.”

Dr. Rena Daiza -- Primary Cary Physician, Henry Ford Medical Center Bloomfield Twp.

“This week I had few cases of Influenza already. I assume we will be getting more upper respiratory infections coming up after the Halloween gatherings. Super important to get vaccinated before the coming holidays.”