Henry Ford Health emergency specialist: Metro Detroit has a ‘COVID catastrophe’

Dr. McGeorge: Southeast Michigan has 'COVID catastophe' happening now
Dr. McGeorge: Southeast Michigan has 'COVID catastophe' happening now

DETROIT – Every week, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services puts out new data on different aspects of the coronavirus pandemic.

We know that new cases have been increasing steadily with the newest data released showing that hospitalized patients have now officially exceeded the winter surge. That, by itself, is concerning enough, but focusing specifically on Metro Detroit, we have the highest rate of hospitalizations in the state and the greatest increase in COVID patients requiring Intensive Care Units.

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If the state of Michigan has a COVID problem, Southeast Michigan has a COVID catastrophe.

The concerns being heard from Metro Detroit hospitals are because the area is in legitimate trouble. This isn’t a future forecast, Metro Detroit is in a COVID storm.

Health officials everywhere are urging people to please wear a mask, avoid unnecessary public contact, stay home when you can and get vaccinated. If everyone eligible for the vaccine does their part, it can minimize the damage.

Vaccines are essential in the long term, but there is a more pressing short term problem that just vaccines won’t get us out of.

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Dr. McGeorge can be seen on Local 4 News helping Metro Detroiters with health concerns when he isn't helping save lives in the emergency room at Henry Ford Hospital.

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