Get an authentic taste of all that Korea has to offer at this new 3 in 1 restaurant!

From classic bibimbap, to popular Korean BBQ, to the delicious shaved ice dessert, bingsu, New Seoul Plaza will have you eating like you are in Korea.  

"It was a dream for my family, my parents in particular, to open up a Korean Restaurant here in Detroit," said Sarah Yi, a manager and co-owner of New Seoul Plaza.

Her father emigrated from Korea when he was a teenager and wanted to show off the wide range of food Korea has to offer. Since they had such a large space they decided to do three restaurants in one. The first restaurant you see when you walk in is Jinji which is a formal way of saying "meal" in Korean.  Jinji serves all types of Korean dishes, from the classic bibimbap to the newer Korean fried chicken. Almost everything is made in house including their dumplings.

Located at the back of the building is their Korean BBQ restaurant called Daebak, which is a slang term meaning "awesome" in Korean. Korean BBQ is done quite differently than American BBQ. You are served a platter of uncooked meats and veggies and sit around a table with a grill built into the center. You cook up the meat and eat it as you go. They provide many small sides dishes to eat with your meat so you can really enjoy it any way you want. A common thing to do is to make a lettuce wrap. It is a fun and different way to dine, and as Yi says, "there really is no right or wrong way to eat Korean BBQ."

After your meal, you can enjoy dessert at their dessert cafe, Myomee, which means "charming" in Korean, a fitting name for the quaint cafe. They serve typical coffee drinks as well as bubble tea and the classic Korean dessert bingsu. Bingsu is shaved frozen sweet cream topped with a variety of fruit and other goodies. It is similar in texture to Hawaiian ice, in that it melts in your mouth like cotton candy, but it has the creamy flavor of ice cream. They also have Korean pastries and more. 

"What we wanted to do was have our customers be able to really experience great food, but also feel like they are in Seoul or anywhere in Korea," said Yi. 

New Seoul Plaza is located at 27566 Northwestern Hwy. in Southfield.