3 ways to shop smarter online this holiday season

Just in time for Cyber Monday...

BBB Cyber Monday on Live in the D

Today is Cyber Monday.

Traditionally, this is the busiest online shopping day of the year with all kinds of deals to be had. With more business than ever online, how do you know if you are using a reputable website? We spoke with the experts at the Better Business Bureau to get their advice.

1) The lowest price isn’t always the best. The Better Business Bureau has been doing studies on online shopping for the last four years, and according to them, 81% of shoppers who did no independent research on the item they wanted to buy lost money because either the product didn’t show up, or they got a counterfeit item. There are lots of great deals out there, just do your research before purchasing.

2) Check out the reputation of the company before purchasing. You can of course see what the Better Business Bureau says about them online, but there are some other things you can check for as well. Do they have a secure portal to purchase things? Check to see if they have the mark of a BBB Accredited Business on their website (it’s a logo that looks like a torch with “BBB Accredited Business” underneath). Make sure you can find their privacy policies and their contact information in case something goes wrong.

3) Consider shopping local. A local business that you can walk into and see the product, with people working there that you can go to with issues, is worth something, even if you decide to purchase from them online. Many local shops have added online stores to their websites since the pandemic, making it easier than ever to support your local economy. If there is a great deal you find online that you want to take advantage of, see if a local shop will give you the same deal. It’s always worth it to ask.

To learn more about the Better Business Bureau and how it can help you, click or tap here.

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