Meet the businesswomen who took a divine idea and made it sweet

See the cookie company that’s paying it forward

For Rebecca Abel, the decision to make cookies has lead to a successful business and encouraged her to inspire other entrepreneurs. Award-winning journalist Mitch Albom shared how D’Vine Cookies is doing something sweet in The Heart of Detroit.

Abel said she wasn’t always a baker but she knew what a good cookie tasted like. One day, a divine idea came to her about creating a cookie business and that led to D’Vine Cookies launch in the fall of 2017. The company has gone on to sell cookies in stores locally and nationally. With her booming success, Abel wanted to pay it forward.

Abel told Albom that the commitment to sponsorships and donations are made every year. Abel said she is also passionate about mentoring future entrepreneurs who have a big dream and are willing to take small steps to completing their goal, even if they don’t know what they’re doing. She likes to remind young children that anything is possible. A lemonade stand can be thought of as a business and a place to start teaching kids about building different skillsets.

The founder of D’Vine cookies joined Tati Amare on today’s episode of “Live In The D”. While mentoring children, Abel said she focuses on embracing challenges. When things get difficult, that means you are growing and you shouldn’t shy away from something that is hard. D’Vine Cookies works with many youth organizations such as Junior Achievement and Girls On The Run. Along with running day camps for kids, Abel said she is always willing to teach kids about how to take a dream and turn it into a reality.

The cookies are the star of the show and Abel said the most unique product they sell is the stuffed cookie. There are 14 different kinds of stuffed cookies with more flavors on the way. D’Vine cookies is growing and plans on expanding to larger grocery markets across the country.

Tati asked Abel which is her favorite cookie and she said the strawberry shortcake because it wows people after they taste it.

To learn more about D’Vine Cookies, watch the video above.