Detroit police Chief James Craig: More must be done to prevent mass shootings

Craig says off-duty officers should be equipped to handle mass shootings

DETROIT – Detroit police Chief James Craig spoke Monday about the mass shooting that killed dozens and injured hundreds in Las Vegas.

Craig said much more needs to be done to prevent mass shootings.

Police in Las Vegas moved quickly to take out the threat, but the damage was done, and Craig said it's unacceptable. Law enforcement officials are asking themselves what else they can do to prevent these tragedies.

Craig said something should change to prevent the stockpiling of guns in a hotel room.

"First, we have to understand, how does this person get into the hotel?" Craig asked. "Of course he didn't walk in with the weapons exposed, but if someone was coming in with large-sized cases, might that not draw some attention?"

Craig said the shooting in Vegas has already taught the country an important lesson.

"One of the things we're going to make sure we enhance is make sure, in addition to our other security partners, we are also working closely with hotel security," Craig said.

He's going after the National Football League for what he called a "bad policy" that forbids any off-duty law enforcement officials from bringing weapons into stadiums.

"That's an NFL policy, and I'm here today to tell you I disagree with it," Craig said. "Off-duty officers, federal agents not allowed to bring weapons into the facility. We're going to ask the NFL to reconsider that policy."

While off-duty officers might not have saved lives in the Vegas massacre, Craig said during attacks, every second counts, and armed off-duty officers must be equipped to take out active shooters.

"I mean, what good are they if they aren't armed?" Craig asked.

Stephen Paddock is the man suspected of shooting into the concert crowd in Las Vegas before killing himself. He was 32 stories up, and police said the position gave him an advantage.