Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger before Board of Commissioners

Spranger reports on backlog at Macomb County Clerk's Office

Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger failed to meet judges' orders to fix a major backlog. (WDIV)

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger appeared before the Board of Commissioners Thursday to address the historic backlog at the Clerk's Office.

Spranger failed to meet a deadline from judges to fix the massive backlog reported by Local 4 News last week.

Thursday was the deadline for Spranger to fix the backlog, under orders from circuit court judges. There was virtually no progress made, and Spranger also failed to bring staffers back and fill open positions, which was another order from judges.

Now, problems from her contentious appearance Tuesday before the Macomb County Board of Commissioners could spell the end of her tenure.

At the end of business Thursday, Macomb County commissioners Bob Smith and Rob Leonetti served Spranger with a resolution ordering her to report on the state of her office.

Under the statue MCL 46.11, if she doesn't comply with the resolution, she could be removed from office.

As for the letter delivered to Spranger Monday from the circuit court judges, which ordered her to take care of the unprecedented backlog, the Clerk's Office didn't even make a dent.

A previous E-filing backup of more than 2,800 is now still at 2,587. The filings date back to Oct. 13.

When it comes to LEIN criminal history reports, Spranger's office went backward. There were 1,632 waiting to be processed, and now there are 1,742.

Situations like this are so rare, nobody knew for sure what would be next. The circuit court could take over that part of her office and take the employees she refused to let work and do those filings.

Spranger has to answer the resolution from the commissioners by Nov. 28 and appear in front of the board on Nov. 30. The resolution isn't just about the backlog, but also wait times, which have exploded to more than an hour for some residents.

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