Legally blind Detroit woman still missing 55 days after disappearing in Peru

Carla Valpeoz went on vacation in early December, never came back

DETROIT – A legally blind Detroit woman is still missing after she went on vacation in Peru and disappeared 55 days ago.

The family of Carla Valpeoz, 35, said she went on vacation in early December and evaporated into thin air.

"Her last text was saying, 'I will send you the information for my flight,' and, 'I can't wait to see you at the airport,'" Valpeoz's friend, Alicia Garcia Steele, said. "Then I never heard from her."

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Valpeoz went to Peru for a wedding with friends and decided to stay longer to see more of the country. Her friends said she is adventurous.

"(She said), 'You know the world is different for me, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy it. It doesn't mean I'm not going to explore and try new things,'" Valpeoz's friend, Dessa, said.

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"She was going to Cusco, to see Machu Picchu for four days, and then was planning to come back and meet me in Lima for us to fly back to the United States together," Garcia Steele said.

Valpeoz never made the flight. Her phone is off, and there hasn't been any activity on her credit cards, her friends said.

"Up to date we have no concrete answers of what has happened to my friend, and principally, her family, myself and my friends in Peru have done most of the investigative work," Garcia Steele said.

Local 4 has learned Valpeoz visited Machu Picchu on Dec. 11, which was verified through a passport check.

Her family was able to obtain video of Valpeoz walking with her green backpack past a drug store in the village of Pisac. They believe the video is from Dec. 12. There hasn't been any sign of Valpeoz since.

The family believes this is the last time Carla Valpeoz was seen, walking with her green backpack on Dec. 12. (WDIV)
The family believes this is the last time Carla Valpeoz was seen, walking with her green backpack on Dec. 12. (WDIV)

"We just want to make sure that if anybody has any information on who she might've been in contact with there, if there's something that we're missing," Michigan State Police Sgt. Sarah Krebs said.

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"One of the things we are working on is asking our elected officials to reach out to the State Department to allocate more time and resources to this case of finding Carla," Dessa said. "We have three petitions that are circulating."

Here's a look at one of the letters.


"As a U.S. citizen, Carla deserved the resources and the help from her country," Garcia Steele said. "So we are demanding that. We demand justice. We demand answers and we need to move fast. We don't have a lot of time."

Her friends said they wish they could be on the ground in Peru searching for Valpeoz. They don't want her to be forgotten.

"This is an extremely mysterious case," said Laura Castri, Valpeoz's friend.

Valpeoz's father is in Peru searching for his daughter. Click here to visit the GoFundMe page to help with his expenses.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the tip line at 1-855-MICH-TIP.


There are three petitions Valpeoz's friends and families are asking members of the community to sign to support the search efforts.

Click here to view the petition asking senators to do everything they can to ensure the State Department prioritizes Valpeoz.

Click here to view the petition that goes to U.S. senators and congresspeople across the country and asks for the FBI to open an investigation into Valpeoz's disappearance and put agents on the ground.

Click here to view the petition to the Peruvian Embassy in the U.S. asking the Ministry of Internal Affairs to request the FBI's help.

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