4 things to watch for -- Wednesday, July 3rd

Evrod Cassimy WDIV
Evrod Cassimy WDIV

Evrod Cassimy: I’m so full. Still. Tasty Tuesday was absolutely incredible. If you missed it, we featured Maine Street. They’re located in Hamtramck and are open right now! I had two, yes two, slices of cheesecake and half a chicken caesar wrap so you’ll be seeing me at the gym today. HA! But no, seriously. I love when there’s so much good food to choose from on Tasty Tuesday that you “have to” eat foods you’d never consider eating for breakfast. And no, I’m not sorry!

So there were a lot of stories covered on the show this week. The one that sticks out the most is that Detroit Police are aggressively looking for the people who shut down the lodge over the weekend to do doughnuts and drive erratically on video. Have you seen it? That video was then posted to social media and has since gone viral. DPD has arrested one man from Canton but they are looking for several others.

In other news, we are coming up on the Fourth of July holiday. I’m in the market for a new grill. Any suggestions? DM me on Instagram here. I’m not sure what kind to get but my executive producer let me know they can range from inexpensive up to around $700 or more! What are the best brands out there?

Who knows if I’ll even be able to use it this holiday considering that there’s rain in the forecast. I guess we’ll have to check back in with Brandon for a look at our forecast. We’ll see you for that and more Wednesday morning! Thanks for watching today!

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Here's what's coming up Monday, July 1st, 2019 on Local 4 News Today.

All Morning -- Holiday Week Weather

The heat and humidity stick around all week and the threat for mainly afternoon showers and storms keeps going Wednesday through possible the first half of Saturday. There are NO washouts here so, don’t cancel any plans. We are advising that you keep a safe back up plan in place if you’re boating, heading to the pool, or just heading out and about.

Highs will be flirting with 90 degrees all week, feeling even warmer and so we need to be checking on our family, friends, and neighbors to make sure everyone is handling the heat.

  • You can get the full forecast here.

Holiday Week Travel

AAA Michigan says 4th of July travel will be up this year. 1.7 million expected to hit the road, and Wednesday expected to be the busiest. We've got you covered with travel conditions, construction alerts and more. Kim DeGiulio will be monitoring the roads all morning long.

All Morning -- 4th of July Celebrations 

The 4th of July is Thursday! If you're lucky enough to get a little time off this week for the holiday week, we'll help you find the fun with events happening around Metro Detroit. There are plenty of parades and family friendly events to check out.

6:45 a.m. -- Wellness Wednesday

Summer is usually a healthier season, but there are a couple of viruses that actually cause more trouble in the summer months. Dr. Frank McGeorge will show us the symptoms they cause and how they're most likely to spead. He'll also show us who is most at risk.


Today's Trivia Retake 

Every morning at 6 a.m., we ask you a trivia question on Local 4 for a chance to win a prize.

  • Tuesday Question: What was the original name of Seinfeld?
  • Answer: The Seinfeld Chronicles
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Today's Quiz 

National Days: July 3rd

  • National Fried Clam Day
  • National Eat Your Beans Day
  • National Chocolate Wafer Day

A Look Back at History: July 3rd

  • In 1775, Gen. George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • In 1890, Idaho became the 43rd state of the Union.
  • In 1913, during a 50th anniversary reunion at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Civil War veterans re-enacted Pickett’s Charge, which ended with embraces and handshakes between the former enemies.
  • In 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg by dedicating the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.
  • In 1944, during World War II, Soviet forces recaptured Minsk from the Germans.
  • In 1950, the first carrier strikes of the Korean War took place as the USS Valley Forge and the HMS Triumph sent fighter planes against North Korean targets.
  • In 1962, French President Charles de Gaulle signed an agreement recognizing Algeria as an independent state after 132 years of French rule.
  • In 1971, singer Jim Morrison of The Doors died in Paris at age 27.
  • In 1987, British millionaire Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand became the first hot-air balloon travelers to cross the Atlantic, parachuting into the sea as their craft went down off the Scottish coast.
  • In 1992, the first U.S. Air Force C-130 transport planes from Operation Provide Promise arrived in the besieged Bosnian capital of Sarajevo.

Celebrity Birthdays: July 3rd 

Celebrating a birthday Wednesday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 5 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with -- 

  •  Actor Michael Cole (“The Mod Squad”) is 79. 
  • Singer Judith Durham of The Seekers is 76. 
  • Actor Kurtwood Smith (“That 70s Show”) is 76. 
  • Country singer Johnny Lee is 73. 
  • Writer Dave Barry is 72. 
  • Actress Betty Buckley is 72. 
  • Actress Jan Smithers (“WKRP In Cincinnati”) is 70. 
  • Actor Bruce Altman (“Blue Bloods”) is 64. 
  • Talk show host Montel Williams is 63. 
  • Country singer Aaron Tippin is 61. 
  • Actor Tom Cruise is 57. 
  • Actress Hunter Tylo is 57. 
  • Actress Connie Nielsen (“Gladiator”) is 55. 
  • Actress Yeardley (“The Simpsons”) is 55. 
  • TV chef Sandra Lee is 53. 
  • Country singer Trent Tomlinson is 44. 
  • Actress Andrea Barber (“Full House”) is 43. 
  • Comedian Julie Klausner (“Difficult People”) is 41. 
  • Singer Tonia Tash of Divine is 40. 
  • Actress Olivia Munn (“The Newsroom”) is 39. 
  • Actress Shoshannah Stern (“Jericho”) is 39. 
  • Singer Elle King is 30. 
  • Actor Grant Rosenmeyer (TV’s “Oliver Beene”) is 28. 
  • Actress Kelsey Batelaan (“Nip/Tuck”) is 24.

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