Group of UAW workers plans Labor Day protest of leadership

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DETROIT – Some United Automobile Workers are planning to protest during the Labor Day parade in Detroit.

The protests are a response to the recent FBI raid on UAW president Gary Jones' home in Canton Township.

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Agents also raided former UAW president Dennis Williams' home in Los Angeles, a St. Louis UAW hall and a home Jones had in St. Louis, where he worked before Detroit.

Officials said the raids are part of the same scandal that sent former Fiat Chrysler Automotive Vice President Norwood Jewell to jail.

UAW member and activist Brian Keller said Monday's planned Labor Day protest is about standing up for rank-and-file workers.

"We're not protesting laborers," Keller said. "We're protesting the concessions, the job losses, the collusion, corruption, the nepotism."

Last year, Keller and other members sued Fiat Chrysler and Solidarity House.

"A lot of people say I'm suing myself because I'm a union member," Keller said. "What other way do we hold our leadership accountable?"

He said some members are too scared to speak out as the corruption scandal continues to grow. 

"We don't know how far the corruption goes," Keller said. "We feel that anyone under investigation right now should step aside during negotiations."

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