Detroit police resources stretched thin after 8 weeks of protests

DETROIT – There has been a lot going on in Detroit over the last couple of months, from COVID, protests, to now the string of violence. Chief Craig said they are handling it all, but he has to be honest, it’s a lot.

“Eight weeks, Larry. Eight whole weeks,” said Chief James Craig with Detroit Police.

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That’s how many weeks there have been of nightly protests against police brutality. Now, Detroit is having two protests a day -- One in the morning for public school related issues as well.

“We manage protests every single day and as you pointed out, Larry, morning and evening. Where are these resources coming from?” asked Craig.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that’s the Million-dollar question.

“We dedicate a number of resources to make sure that the protestors, for the most part, are peaceful protests are safe and they’re allowed to consume our city streets. I don’t have resources tucked away. I’m talking about police staffing, so they’re used solely for protests. No they come out of the neighborhood police stations.”

Larry: Chief Craig, Having the adequate resources to mandate these protests and the crime that’s going on here in Detroit, is that stretching your resources? Is that fair to say?

Craig: Absolutely we’re stretched. I would be remissive if I was to sit here and say that this is no big deal.

But Chief Craig said, stretched or not, his officers are taking care of business, “Yes, we are still handling criminal incidents, activity calls for service in the various neighborhoods throughout the city of Detroit, but what if we didn’t have to deploy the numbers of resources to manage a protest.”

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