Metro Detroit community rallies to free detained journalist Danny Fenster


It's been nearly two weeks since Danny Fenster was detained by military in Myanmar.

HUNTINGTON WOODS, Mich. – Danny Fenster was detained by the military junta, which seized power in Myanmar this February.

He is the fourth foreign journalist to be sent to Insein Prison. Nobody has seen him since he was taken.

In Huntington Woods, where Danny grew up and his parents still reside, the community came out to the recreation center Friday to show their support and buy one of the “Free Fenster” shirts that have taken social media by storm.

“This community is small so you know everybody,” Tim Downey said. “It directly affects the Fensters but this was kind of an assault on our community.”

Fenster’s parents, Buddy and Rose, are doing what they can to raise awareness.

“All we can do is just continue to push to keep my son’s name out there ‚” Buddy Fenster said.

The U.S. Consulate has not been allowed to see Fenster. He was detained at the airport trying to fly home to Michigan. It’s now going on 13 days since he was taken.

“I know the stress and pressure that’s on them and they worry every day what’s going to happen to their son,” Adolph Mongo said.

Mongo was just one of the many friends of the family who came Friday to show support. The Fensters said Michigan’s congressional delegation has been helpful and so has the State Department.

Congressman Andy Levin stopped by to show his support.

“We just need to create unrelenting pressure to free him,” Levin said. “That’s all we can do.”

That’s one of the reasons for the creation of the “Bring Danny Home” Facebook page and the #FreeDannyFenster hashtag on social media.

And a petition has even been started to bring Danny home. As of June 4, it has received more than 35,000 signatures. If you would like to sign, click here.

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