Why officials didn’t enforce curfew Wednesday night as protesters marched through Detroit streets

Mayor Duggan says he let Chief Craig make decision

DETROIT – Local 4 has learned why Detroit officials decided not to enforce the curfew Wednesday night when protesters continued to march through the streets past 8 p.m.

Mayor Mike Duggan said he let Detroit police Chief James Craig make the call on whether to enforce the curfew.

“If we’re going to get through this, it’s going to be because of the trust between the people of the city of Detroit Police Department,” Duggan said.

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On Friday and Saturday, when the sun went down, peaceful protesters went home while violent protesters tried to take over the streets.

“We agree with protesters,” Duggan said. “We agree with the cause.”

Duggan said the fear from Detroit City Hall was that they were “going to lose the city.”

Members of the National Guard have been called into 28 states to crack down on riots.

Duggan didn’t want to call the National Guard. Police said they wanted an 8 p.m. curfew, which sparked more protests about the curfew itself.

On Thursday night, Craig put himself alongside protesters, and the mayor left it up to him to make the controversial call to disregard the curfew.

“I felt very strongly that it was peaceful, the message was on point,” Craig said.

Craig said he felt strongly that calling off the curfew was the right thing to do.

Protesters have gathered for Thursday night, and the curfew is still on. Enforcement will be up to Craig.

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