Water receding in Metro Detroit neighborhoods after record-breaking rainfall

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – People across Metro Detroit had to deal with the aftermath of Saturday’s record-breaking rainfall that flooded several neighborhoods.

Saturday saw more rain than any other January day in Michigan history.

Banner Street in Dearborn Heights was flooded overnight, but was clear Sunday afternoon. The water came from the Ecorse River that runs paralleled to Hanover Street.

Residents put up sandbags to block the waters and parked their cars at a neighborhood church. Barricades were built along basement doorways.

“It’s very stressful. Every time it rains if I’m at work, I’m calling my wife constantly," said Kevin Wludyka. "'How far is the water? How much further you know before we start flooding?' We’re always in a panic.”

Salma Abdelmani’s kitchen doubled as a storage unit over the weekend, holding the downstairs couch and other furniture. She said she feels stuck since the flooding happens several times a year.

“I keep saying to myself that’s it, I’m gonna move," Abdelmani said. "But who’s gonna buy the house and you need the money to buy another house?”

There was so much rain Saturday, kayakers were found on city streets.

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