Detroit family frustrated with drivers hitting property on the city’s west side

DETROIT – A family is fed up with people speeding off I-94 and coming dangerously close to their Detroit home.

The house is near the Addison Street exit of I-94.

Vehicles have been known to speed off the interstate and hit the retaining wall on the property. The family wants something done before their children fall victim to a vehicle colliding with their house.

“There have been so many crashes here,” Jorge Flores said.

Flores said he’s trying to prevent a tragedy. He’s close friends with the mother who has lived at the house on Addison Street for more than 15 years. He’s seen multiple vehicles hit properties as they come off the interstate.

“Now she’s afraid to let her kids come out through the front," Flores said. “She keeps it chained to make sure her kid are never in the front for nothing. It’s not cool for them because they can’t enjoy their home.”

Flores shared a video with Local 4 of a situation he’s trying to avoid -- a runaway 18-wheeler is seen on the video speeding off the eastbound side of the interstate.

“That truck was carrying steel coils. They went everywhere,” Flores said. "What’s the possibility that something that big is gonna come through here? It’s not going to stop.”

Flores said he will continue to pressure the Department of Public Works to see if something can be done before it’s too late.

A church in the area was recently hit by a truck and because of the collision, they’re no longer able to hold service.

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