Judge raises bond for Allen Park man who did donuts on I-94 after he drives with suspended license

DETROIT – An Allen Park man made a plea deal on charges in connection with a donut stunt that blocked traffic on I-94 in December.

Devin Ray Cronk, 22, turned himself in on Jan. 2. He was charged with reckless driving and disturbing the peace -- both misdemeanors. Cronk pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace at his probable cause conference. The reckless driving charge was dismissed.

“Unfortunately for Mr. Cronk, his judge watches the news,” Judge Kenneth King said. "I’ve never witnessed such disrespect, callousness, and stupidity in my life.”

Cronk was allegedly behind the wheel of a car recently, driving with a suspended license and bragging about taking part in the muscle car madness that got him in trouble in the first place.

King brought Cronk into the courtroom Thursday for an emergency bond hearing and demanded an explanation from Cronk. The judge raised Cronk’s bond to $5,000. Cronk broke down in tears because he said that’s money he doesn’t have.

“I thought I had a license. I didn’t see that," Cronk said.

“Even if you did believe you had a license do you not understand why you’re here to begin with,” King said.

“For the stunt that I pulled,” Cronk said.

Cronk said he has a learning disability and he didn’t fully understand that his license was suspended.

Cronk is expected to be sentenced on Feb. 27. He could get sentenced to 93 days and jail and the judge said he will likely lose his license again, for a year or maybe longer.

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