Detroit woman caught in middle of company food order misunderstanding

Woman says police accused her of crime she didn’t commit

DETROIT – A Detroit woman said she was just doing her job when, to her surprise, she found herself on the news, accused by police of a crime she didn’t commit.

Janis Jones picked up her company’s food order from Amor da Roma restaurant and went back to work. She said that was two weeks ago, and since then, it’s been business as usual.

Then, on Monday, her photo was all over the news, as police said she stole $145 worth of food.

“I wanted to take the opportunity to be seen, same get up almost, and make it right, make people understand that I didn’t do this, that I did nothing wrong," Jones said.

From outside her Detroit home, Jones explained her side of the story. Two weeks ago, she was asked to pick up a food order that she was told had already been paid for.

This week, Detroit police sent out a crime alert that showed her in a photo and a video. They accused her of stealing food.

“I get a call from (her boss) a little while later asking, ‘Are you sitting down?’” Jones said. “I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘The order was not paid for.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’"

Jones said a restaurant employee even helped her load the food into her car. She wants her named cleared.

Jones works as an executive assistant at Team Wellness Center in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

“I’ve done nothing wrong but my job,” Jones said. “I’ve done nothing but what you’ve asked me to do.

“I’m a little angry. I really am. I am upset. I feel like I got the blame. I got demoralized. I got humiliated. I got defamed because somebody else on both ends -- at the restaurant and at Team Wellness center -- did not do their job. I’ve got the police looking for me.”

Workers at Team Wellness Center and Amor da Roma told Local 4′s Evrod Cassimy over the phone Wednesday that the bill has since been paid in full. Jones is still working to close the case officially with Detroit police.

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