Benched: Lions Jason Cabinda on quarantining alone and uncertainty over NFL season

DETROIT – Lions fans should get to know 2-year man Jason Cabinda. I talked to him this week an he was such a fun interview. He talked about quarantining alone and how he’s getting creative.

“I can’t complain too much, at least get to walk outside and see some palm trees,” Cabinda said of his Florida home. “The whole world is going through this its stressful and strange and all kinds of things.”

A check of Jason Cabinda’s Twitter account and you can tell the man is bored. He’s in Ft. Lauderdale at home by himself.

“The boredom is kicking in on a another level,” He said. “I drink a lot of Gatorade, so I had a lot of bottles laying around, I made a tower. I also bought a ping pong table which I’m going to set up in just a little bit. I think I’ll put it against the wall and get real good.”

Cabinda also bought an electric scooter to pass the time. He said he’s filing his days with a lot of workouts and dreaming of when the season may start.

“It’s unprecedented times, we don’t know when we are going back,” Cabinda said. “It’s hard to know how things will proceed moving forward. Season up in the air maybe. There’s a lot of uncertainty.”

That goes for the guys hoping to get drafted next week as well. Cabinda was an undrafted free agent who signed with the Raiders in 2018, so he knows the importance of in-person workouts with scouts.

“For some guys, that could be tragic, career ending to not be invited to the combine and all they have is pro day,” He said. “To have scouts come and see your stuff, that could be the difference of getting a training camp invite and never getting your foot in the door.”

Cabinda said he feels lucky and blessed that he is healthy and so is his family. He urges folks, even though the boredom is real, to stay in and stay safe. And when the Lions do take the field again, he had this message:

“It will be better next season, without a doubt,” Cabinda said. “Thank you to our fans who come out game after game, no matter the record. I promise next year will be a better season without a doubt.”