Chandler Park Academy offers counseling to students during COVID-19 crisis

‘It has been very challenging,’ Diane Fisher said

DETROIT – A charter school system in Detroit is working to make sure students are healthy, not just physically, but also emotionally.

Chandler Park Academy is offering counseling services to students to help them get through this instant change and lack of social interaction caused by coronavirus (COVID-19).

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From Pre-K to grade 12, Chandler Park Academy provides students in Metro Detroit with a home away from home.

“We have 2,400 students. We have 1,000 in elementary, 700 in the middle and 700 in the high school,” said CEO of Chandler Park Academy Diane Fisher.

She said the stay-at-home order issued by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer forced a swift change among the students and teachers. She said adapting is tough.

“It has been very challenging, to say, during this time. Not only from an academic approach, but from even family concerns and healthcare and welfare. So it’s like a double whammy in a sense. Our children, in fact, are not in school. The school doors are closed to children however our hearts are open,” Fisher said.

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They’re showing that huge heart by providing counseling to their students.

“We’re doing Google check-ins. We’re starting to send surveys to families to gain information about their needs,” said the District Students Support Services Coordinator Chaundra Randle.

Randle is in charge of the counseling services at Chandler Park.

“They’re experiencing a loss of resources in their homes. The thing that I think about the most is that these students school year was shut down abruptly, so they have grief and loss related to being isolated from their peer groups," Randle said.

Randle said giving the students a chance to express what they’re going through helps.

“Just a lot of loss and uncertainty about their future, so we want to be available to counsel them and help them through this difficult time," Randle said.

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