Do you wear a face mask when you go to a public place?

Michigan residents are required to wear masks

DETROIT – Michigan residents are required to wear masks in public places, such as grocery stores, under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s revised stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The stay-at-home order was extended until May 28.

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There is still a debate over wearing a face mask in a public place. Some people don’t mind, and others refuse to cover their face.

It has become a volatile, dangerous and deadline issue. In Flint, a 43-year-old security guard was shot and killed for doing his job and asking a patron of a dollar store to wear a mask.

A man in Holly wiped his nose on a grocery store worker because she asked him to wear a mask. Those incidents made the news, but there are others too.

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Brian Bierly said he was at a Metro Detroit Kroger store and the person in front of him wasn’t wearing a mask.

“I was kind of trapped,” Bierly said.

Local 4 did a Facebook poll to see who is wearing a face mask and who is not -- and why. More than 27,000 participated in the poll and 78 percent said they wear a mask.

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