'Devastating. Just Devastating’ -- Wixom Lake becomes muddy field after dam failures

Edenville, Sanford dams fail

EDENVILLE, Mich. – Catastrophic flooding caused by two dam failures in mid-Michigan have reshaped many communities.

Trish Wilson, a Redford resident, has a cottage on Wixom Lake.

“It’s devastating," Wilson said. "That’s all. Just devastating.”

She said she couldn’t believe her eyes. Wixom Lake had been drained almost entirely after the dam failures.

“This was our summer home," Wilson said. "This is where we have been coming since I was born.”

At about 5 p.m. Tuesday, the Edenville Dam that created Wixom Lake gave away. Wilson said she was near the dam when it happened and could hear the water rush through the trees.

Wixom Lake flooded through the area. Dan Vincent owns a gas station near the M-30 bridge. The rushing waters destroyed the bridge.

Vincent said he had to evacuate twice and spent the night in his truck.

“In the parking lot on top of the hill,” Vincent said. “In the pick up.”

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a State of Emergency due to the flooding.

“Our family has owned this since the 40’s," WIlson said. "Never has this happened.”

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