Police brutality protest held in Warren after Amazon driver’s arrest

Video of arrest went viral on social media

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – Protesters gathered in Warren to discuss racism and police brutality Saturday.

The group listened to speakers talk about their experiences with police and with racism.

One of the main topics was the recent arrest of an Amazon driver in Warren.

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“When an Amazon driver in Warren is arrested for doing their job, it’s not only -- as the mayor says -- outrageous, it is racism, it is bias,” said Justin Walters. “It is the reason we’re here today.”

Protesters are asking for changes and Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said changes are due.

“Is there racism and excessive force at the Warren police department? Unfortunately, there is some,” Dwyer said. “I’m trying to get the bad apples out of the Warren Police Department.”

Dwyer said while there is training for deescalation and cultural diversity, police officers need more training.

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