9-year-old girl killed in house fire on Detroit’s west side

Neighbors, family members heartbroken

9-year-old girl dies in Detroit house fire
9-year-old girl dies in Detroit house fire

DETROIT – A 9-year-old girl died early Tuesday morning in a house fire on Detroit’s west side.

The fire happened on Pierson Street, right in the are of Joy and Evergreen. Neighbors and family members are heartbroken over the news.

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Flames were seen shooting out of the front of the building at around 3 a.m. A mother and father were inside and when they discovered the fire they worked to get the children out safely.

The father went to the back of the house and broke windows with his bare hands. He was able to get a young boy out safe. That’s when the fire department arrived.

Firefighters pulled two young girls from the flames.

Outside the home sat a window air conditioning unit. It operated in the area Detroit Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell said burned most severely.

“The fire was basically confined to the living room and then to the little dining room off the side. Of course there is heavy smoke damage throughout the entire house,” Fornell said.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to financially help the family during this crisis. Click here for more information.

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