How ‘White Boy’ Rick Wershe went from informant, to drug ring, to 32 years in prison

What has changed globally since 'White Boy Rick' went to prison

“White Boy” Rick Wershe, who was busted for selling drugs as a teenager after serving as a police informant, was released from prison Monday after more than 30 years.

DETROIT – Rick Wershe went to jail a teenager and just Monday, he left a halfway house a full-grown man in his early 50s.

After 32 years, Wershe is a free man. A lot has changed in the world since he was first locked up.

Wershe was nailed with a life sentence for drug dealing when he was just 17. He was freed from that sentence in June 2017 and has been doing time in Florida for his role in a stolen car scheme.

Local 4′s Steve Garagiola has a look at some of the biggest changes that have taken place in the world since Wershe was locked up.

You can watch his full report in the video player above.

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