Detroit police create ‘Drifting and Drag Racing Task Force’ in an effort to stop dangerous stunts

4 people injured in incident

Detroit police cracking down on donut driving
Detroit police cracking down on donut driving

DETROIT – As if the threat of COVID-19 wasn’t bad enough, some people are choosing to gather for so-called “drifting” in Detroit.

Video shows people standing close together, not wearing masks and risking being hit by out of control cars. The video is going viral on a site called “Stoopid.”

READ: Detroit police seek driver who lost control doing donuts, injured 3 people

There was a driver doing donuts in the area of Livernois and West Warren around 2 a.m. on Monday morning. The driver lost control and police said four people watching were struck, two are in critical condition.

Detroit police put together a new task force called the “Drifting and Drag Racing Task Force” to put a stop to the stunts.

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